Digital Transformation Mistakes, And How to Avoid

Digital transformation is bound to happen in any organisation, no matter which industry. Some people prefer the old way of doing things and they don't accept the change so easily. Others are enthusiastic about it. Some are neutral.

However, the most common thing that happens is that people misunderstand digital transformation and then they make various mistakes. To avoid these mistakes, read on:


No prioritisation

Prioritise the areas that can benefit from the digital transformation the most. Leave the most crucial areas, which keep the company running, intact so that you can continue with operations without slowing down and implement the changes slowly.


Not planning for long-term

Digital transformation is an ongoing process of change - it’s not something you can do once and forget about. For one, new processes and technologies are coming out every year - or more frequently. You have to stay on top of these processes and involve yourself in incrementally transforming and improving your business.

“Long term planning is necessary if you want to stay on top of things in any industry. As such, digital transformation allows us to plan - make sure that your plans make sense in the future and that you are flexible,” says Owen Deming, a marketing strategist at Stateofwriting and Academized.


Focusing on the tech

Many businesses think that it’s all about the technology. However, it’s really not. It’s about finding the right and the most efficient way to satisfy customers, improve productivity and so on. Technology is just an enabler in that process. Obviously, they are necessary - but don’t let yourself forget about the most important thing - your audience.


Not communicating with your teams

The entire organisation needs to be in line with digital transformation. It’s not something that just the top teams can know about. Limiting the knowledge and the flow of information through the company could slow you down and leave you behind on the market.

“You need to be able to share your vision with your teams. It’s no use if you are the only one in on the digital transformation - the whole company needs to be involved, and as such, this requires active communication,” says Margaret Wilson, advertising manager at Bigassignments and Australianhelp.


Thinking you can do it alone

Digital transformation is not something a company can do alone, using in-house resources. It’s something that requires experts and consultants which can help you do it the best way possible. Make sure you have someone to guide you.


Mission Creep

All employees need to know what the success in digital transformation looks like and they need to work together on that goal. This means carefully drawing plans which can point the entire organisation in the right direction.

Digital transformation is coming, whether the world likes it or not. The companies and people that accept it sooner will be more efficient in their work, more productive and advanced and those who fall behind will either have to catch up or be forgotten. To make sure that you are on the right track, avoid these common mistakes people make when their company goes through digital transformation.


Guest contributor: Freddie Tubbs ~ Tech writer and editor.