Authentic Influencers: allowing SME's to reach their target audience

Why work with Influencers? Advice for marketers working on their next campaign

The term ‘influencer’ is used more and more these days during marketing meetings, and given the rise of the social influencers it’s no surprise. A business that invests in an influencer campaign has the opportunity to generate $6.50 for every $1 invested.

At we have seen many small business owners successfully integrate influencers into their marketing campaigns - and without breaking budget. When it comes to creating engaging content for your brand, the marketing message becomes a lot more natural when you have an authentic influencer that truly engages with the brand. Their usage is natural and they can illustrate the benefits with ease. But the difficulty for a marketer is finding these people and spending the time to organise the campaign. This is where can assist. is a two sided marketplace where brands and talent meet with the overall need to create, seed and amplify content. eliminates the need for a traditional agency; making it easier, more efficient and cost effective. With over 6,500 talent on the platform, have models, influencers, actors, makeup artists, photographers, producers and athletes, making it easy for brands to find authentic talent regardless of the content they require. They offer piece of mind for brands, only requiring payment upon job completion.

There are 3.4 billion internet users worldwide, half of the world's population, so it’s a misconception that only beauty and food brands can use influencers. As social media marketing grows, so does the role of influencers as more people realise the effectiveness of this form of online advertisement.

Unlike traditional advertising, influencer marketing is a strategy for businesses of all sizes to use. Influencers have the power to engage personally with their followers, becoming trusted sources for recommendations. It is increasingly important for SME’s to harness an online marketplace to connect with the right talent. Influencers are a powerful source of marketing for SME’s as they’re able to reach a concentration of their targeted audience. The demand for influencer marketing is increasing as SME’s begin to realise the similarities between the use of influencers and word of mouth marketing. It is now a way for brands to create authentic content with real people using their services and products. The use of influencer marketing is for all types of brands, it is a misconception that it is only for beauty and food brands. Half of the world’s population uses the internet and therefore there is a targeted audience for every brand ready to be influenced.

A micro-influencer is someone who has a small but engaging following, using their personal posts to reach people. Micro-influencers have a higher level of engagement compared to traditional celebrities. On average a 60% higher engagement rate* than celebrities as people become more interested in following others that personalise what they share. Unlike celebrities with a 100K+ following these micro-influencers are engaging with their 1-2K followers. They are reaching their followers in an honest and engaging way, making their recommendations more trusting. are currently seeking business influencers to work with a world leading technology brand to promote their next competition. To check out this job click here.

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*Sidney Pierucci, Why Micro-influencer marketing is ‘the game’ in 2018, 2018.