Building CX programs for the future: The power of people, technology and insight

Disruption is rife across all industries and competition is fierce. With consumers now very comfortable in the driver's seat, competition has risen well above price and product: it is now based heavily on customer experience (CX). 

Today, nine out of 10 consumers willing to pay more for better CX and two-thirds will leave a brand after an unsatisfactory experience. 

These sobering statistics highlight both the importance and the challenges around getting CX right. As consumers base their expectations on their best experience in any context, brands are left with the CX bar raised extremely high. 


"‘Surprise and delight’ continually raises the benchmark for baseline expectations and every sector is a target for disruption."


Download our whitepaper, Building CX programs for the future, to explore the power of three key elements in CX programs: people, technology and insight.