Building a bridge to customer engagement

Distinctions between physical and digital experiences are increasingly blurred, leading the way for the integration of process, people and skills.

Customers are at the centre of such transformations, gaining control and dictating ways in which they want to be communicated with.

Technology is at the core of these new customer demands - with each new piece of technology, we can see changes in customer experiences and expectations. It is vital for business to keep up with the changes in technology in order to be able to meet, and ideally exceed, customer expectations.

During an AIMIA/ADMA Technology Think Tank, agencies highlighted the fact that businesses are struggling.

"Right now we are not getting even the basics right. You are still getting drop-off rates on websites and cart abandonment rates over 90 per cent."

Read the insights, challenges and future predictions for technology raised at the Think Tank in our 'Building a bridge to customer engagement' whitepaper.