About Digital + Technology Collective

Digital + Technology Collective was formed in 2017, taking over from the great work of the 25-year old Australian Interactive Media Industry Association. We’re still a network of Australia’s digital agencies, organisations and individuals that provide services and solutions in the digital and technology space.

We are passionate about our industry’s potential to create innovations that can help to solve many of the challenges facing Australia consumers and businesses.

To innovate effectively requires the leadership, inspiration and camaraderie to pursue opportunities and so we created D+T Collective dedicated to creating a culture that fosters this.

We believe that the role of our association is to be a facilitator within digital and technology and we have a genuine interest in active progress and innovation in our industry.

At D+T Collective, we create an environment that will nurture innovation by adopting the five pillars, identified by Pricewaterhousecoopers as the most commonly cited ‘ingredients’ for innovation:

  • Culture creation - through building an active community around our shared passion
  • Capability - through standards, accreditation and education
  • Thought leadership - through partnerships with the best in the industry
  • Internal networking - through events, courses and programming
  • Industry advocacy - through representing the voice of the industry where it counts

Who we’re here for:

We’re drawing together Australia digital and technology experts including pioneering digital and technology focused powerhouses, agencies, in-house digital teams and major industry suppliers

Why D+T Collective?

Without the knowledge, tools and innovation to effectively navigate an era of unprecedented technological change, the Australia business community will not be able to keep up in the quickly accelerating global environment.

D+T Collective is the only organisation committed to shaping tomorrow’s business landscape by empowering today’s digital and technology experts to innovate for impact.

We believe that by creating an environment that provides the components needed for both innovation and opportunity, we will be the driving force for great ideas in digital and digital technology.